Friday, June 27, 2014

Basic: Getting Started [Arduino]

Well, actually, I don't have time for this kind of post. There's a lot of information in getting started with Arduino already. I'm more excited to get on the real stuff. Here's one of the getting started stuff, brought to you straight from the official website.

Make sure you install the Arduino IDE. You can download the installer here.

But, of cause, there's no use of installing the software if you do not have any Arduino board. You can buy original Arduino board from Cytron Technologies. Yes, there are a lot of boards. Need some guides to buy the best board for you? Here's a good one. Usually, beginners will go for Arduino Uno as it is easy to play around with, and not so expensive.

Better yet, just buy a starter kit as they comes with many extra components that you can play with. It is a good thing to buy the original one because if your board had some problem, you can send them back to the factory. They may replace it if your board is beyond repair; that's from what I heard, at least. You should be careful with counterfeit ones. Some says that they are not as durable as the original one and may cause you some problems in the long run. How to identify them? Here's how.

Now that you have installed the software and bought the board, let's bring them together. You might run into some troubles when connecting your Arduino board for the first time. This page might help.

After you've settled all those problems, we can finally test the board.
Follow the following instructions:

1. Go to File > Examples > 01.Basics > Blink

2. Go to Tools > Board > (Choose your board)

3. Go to Tools > Port > (Choose your COM port)

4. Press Upload button or Ctrl+U for shortcut.

5. Wait until the progress bar at the bottom right corner fully loaded and disappear. Look at your board. Notice that there's an LED labeled as L blinking. If you see it blinking, congratulation! You've successfully uploaded your first sketch. Oh, yes. We call your code as sketch.

Now that we've set up the stage, let's work on the show, then. There'll be a lot of fun stuff coming up. Be sure to come around soon. Till then, good bye.